Offshore support RIB for oil rigs, windfarms, lighthouses and more

Over the years our offshore installation customers have included Chevron Oil, MTH, Shell, Dragon, Addax, Van Oil, Vestas, Ocean Marine etc., and we have supplied overseas to countries as diverse as Turkmenistan, Nigeria, Peru, Gabon, Romania and Bangladesh.

The main use of RHIBS in the oil industry is for personnel transfer since they are significantly cheaper than a helicopter. A particular advantage is that in some cases they can be stowed on the rig itself.

For personnel transfer cabin RHIBs are preferred and we have supplied these down to 8m in size to fit tight spaces.

We have also supplied open RHIBs with a tough removable canvas – this enables the vessel to be stripped down, thus freeing up space on the cargo deck, as well as proving useful in hotter climates.

Full cabin RHIBs usually have a small cargo area forward of the cabin and additional storage can be created above the engine bays.

A RHIB’s speed, agility and robustness makes it ideal for additional work such as rope running, or the supply and transport of smaller parts and equipment, and they have also acted as pollution control vessels.


In the case of a breakdown with your RHIB we pride ourselves on a speedy response to solve the problem. We carry most critical components and will pull out all the stops to get spares to you as soon as possible. As a last resort one of our engineers or a subcontracted engineer can be sent at cost.

Bow sections can be specially reinforced for boarding onto J piles and/or ladders; dedicated bow platforms and steps are designed and built to facilitate safe boarding.

Other safety features such as clipping lines can be incorporated, and man riding certification along with a three- or four-point lifting system can be specified.

Quinquari Marine was the first to supply bespoke RHIBS to the windfarm industry and they continue to be popular thanks to low running costs and versatility in conditions where other vessels struggle.

Our RHIBs have also been very successful in lighthouse servicing, especially in Scotland, where they have been used on 24/7standby and have operated in very testing conditions.

In some projects our smaller RHIBs have proved an efficient and cost effective solution, including on inland/lagoon work where a shallow draft, fast response craft is required.

When ordering your RHIB from Quinquari Marine simply let us know your requirements and we will advise on size and powering and develop a GA.

We also take into account a client’s location and locally available resources, which may determine the choice of engine or the level of spares shipped with the RHIB. Note that a spare engine is relatively cheap to buy and easy to store so we may advise a spare for clients remote locations.

Worldwide onsite training in vessel operation and maintenance can also be provided at additional cost. Many clients make use of this service as it is considerably cheaper than sending their employees to us.

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