Seafari RIBs – Inboard Diesel or Outboard

Coded vessels for work boat or passenger commercial use make up our core business. We work closely with appointed surveyors to ensure seamless coding – this not only includes the vessel but also all the equipment as prescribed by the MCA.

On a turnkey operation we will supply everything including full documentation such as vessel management plans, SAR documentation etc.

We offer inboard and outboard engine options and code vessels from 5m to 12m.  We work with engines from Yamaha, Suzuki, Evinrude, Mercury, Mariner, Volvo, Yanmar and Honda.

Quinquari Marine has an even greater knowledge of Passenger and Seafari Tourist and Transport RHIBs; our expertise is unsurpassed by any other manufacturer, and we have supplied and supported over 200 companies worldwide.

Not only are we key manufacturers of passenger RHIBs but we also own and operate one of Europe’s most successful Seafari business, Voyages of Discovery (

We established Voyages of Discovery nearly 25 years ago and this has given us invaluable experience in developing RHIBs to fit the operational requirements perfectly. We run up to 40 sailings a day and our skippers continue to refine our designs, whilst we also make upgrades to increase efficiency and to adapt to changes in passenger requirements and legislation.


Our client support is second to none. We know the importance of keeping your vessel running and we are available on the phone 24/7 to advise, reassure and find solutions.

From the earliest stages of your enquiry we will look at your proposed operation as much as your vessel proposal. We will happily give an opinion on your business plan and advise accordingly.

Some things are critical at an early stage – for example, ticket sales can be zero rated for VAT if the choice of vessel is correct, whilst obtaining petrol at the price of red diesel is very important as is knowing whether to opt for an inboard diesel or outboard petrol.

All our boats are exactingly built to MCA MGN 280 standards and we will code the boat for you. Note that no matter how big the RHIB, the maximum passenger number is 12 plus 2.

On purchasing a boat from us we invite you to spend time in our operation learning methods of ticket sales and logistics. We provide you with copies of all policies, booking systems, procedures etc., saving you weeks of work and allowing you to benefit from our 25 years of experience.

We also have a vast resource of pictures that you can adapt for your advertising.

Since all our vessels are bespoke should you require any special adaptations we will do everything possible to incorporate them.

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