Pilot harbour RIBs

Quinquari Marine were the first to develop and gain approval for a petrol (outboard) powered RHIB for pilot duties – coming alongside a big ship in big seas demands a stable and robust craft, which is where we excel.

Our bespoke vessels take account of the requirement for a dedicated port/starboard (rather than bow) boarding platforms with specific dimensions, along with clipping lines etc. for the pilot. The pilot must also have a protected area (a covered console/cabin) along with additional equipment such as suspension seating, whilst a full stability analysis is also required.

A bespoke vessel developed specifically for these requirements is the best option.

The use of RHIBs for pilot duties is ideal for small harbours which get relatively few ship movements  (or as a back-up for larger port authorities) since a certified pilot boat is required by law. A RHIB is a cost effective solution which can serve a multi-role function and is easily stored out of the water, further reducing costs.

Quinquari Marine was the first company to get approval for a RHIB that could operate under the Work Boat, Police and Pilot codes.

Private commercial operators may also wish to consider obtaining pilot status for their vessel as it gives the potential for chartering to local harbour authorities; other options can include pollution monitoring and control and security.

Our RHIBs have been used as efficient rope runners and can also act as a small push/pull tug with dedicated, purpose built, tow posts.

Quinquari Marine can provide a 9m RHIB fully equipped for pilot duties for under £100k.


All fixtures and fittings can be made to your bespoke specification. 

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