Police, security and military RIBs

From 4m to 12m with inboard and outboard powering options.

Quinquari Marine has worked with a number of police and security forces in the UK and overseas. This has varied from working on a particular tender specification to involvement in an evolving project or even research and development.

Open, cabin or part-cabin vessels with inboard or outboard options from 5m to 12m are available, and we can provide dedicated maintenance packages.  For UK forces we can also offer a short- or long-term hire option.

All of our policies, procedures and protocols meet those required for UK Police Force tendering.

We are fully conversant with the UK Police COP new rules and can code vessels for up to 60 miles offshore.

More recently there has been interest in our vessels for counter terrorism roles because of their speed and agility in pacing as well as their capability in boarding roles.


Bespoke components and facilities from gun mounts to boarding platforms can be included.

We have produced fully autonomous RHIBs (6.5 m, unmanned and controlled via RF from up to three miles) for reconnaissance and target duties, and we also offer a fully powered 1.5m unmanned ‘model’ RHIB which is an exact replica of our larger vessels for similar duties (please note that these special projects are subject to strict client vetting).

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