Availability and prices

We have never failed to deliver on time, and we underwrite with a £1000 per week penalty clause for late delivery.

We give clients a clear indication of lead times before ordering. We will then detail the production schedule so that you know what is happening and when.


We do our best to always have a 10m bare hull in stock for those in a serious rush and there are times when this can be quickly manoeuvred into production.  If all else fails we may be able to charter you one of our own fleet until your vessel is ready.

Below is an example of a schedule for a typical production. 

 WeekSurveyor NotificationClient Notification
Receipt of Order1XX
Order of third party components1
Completion of aluminium consol5X
Completion of Self right frame6
Delivery of electronics and components6
Wiring of consol electrical systems7
Completion of Hull and tubes10XX
Fitting of consol and seating11
Fitting components12
Systems testing13XX
Sea trials14XX
Client testing and training14XX

How much will it cost?

We prefer to offer a full commercial pre-coded spec. as used in our own passenger operations.  Such vessels range from £55k to £70k for standard beam RHIBs and £60k to £75k for wide beam RHIBs.  However, it is possible to complete a coded 8.5m, 12 passenger vessel for well under £50k.

For a 6m safety vessel for standby, a commercial package can be in the region of £15k to £25k, whilst a 4m safety boat may come in at £10k.

Cabin RHIBs range from £85k to £150k.

For overseas buyers we have Dollar and Euro accounts and can agree on a fixed exchange rate if required.

What about the return?

We run a fleet of our vessels for Seafari operations as well as chartering to the offshore sector.  Thus we know exceptionally well the rates that can be expected from various sectors of the market.

If you have an idea, feel free to contact us.

Running costs

From many years’ experience of our own commercial operations we have detailed knowledge of running and maintenance costs.  We will advise on this and make recommendations at the design stage so as to minimise running costs.

For clients looking at Seafari type business in particular we can advise on matters such as fuel duty rebates, VAT etc.

Information and advice – free

When buying a Quinquari RHIB information and advice is included as part of our service.  However, we reserve the right to charge for consultancy services to persons not otherwise engaged in business with us.