We offer a large range of hull and tube colour options. We may advise a particular colour combination, for example in hot climates, but otherwise the choice is entirely yours.

In working on the design of your vessel our main aim will be to create a vessel that will do its job effectively, safely and economically.  At the same time aesthetics will come into play, and we can build to whatever standard a client requires.


We supply and fit Yanmar, Volvo, Cummins, Yamaha, Suzuki, Merc Mariner and Evinrude (our favourite).

Direct, outdrive, jet and outboard variants are catered for. We also provide a spares and support package for engines when required.

If you are looking for specialist integration with fly by wire etc. we are well experienced in this as well as having sound traditional engineering skills.

For certain makes and/or end user destinations, we provide diagnostic software, and engine maintenance in always include in our training plans.

We can also provide specialised equipment such as fully submersible outboards.