Proven Hull Design and Sizes

All of our vessels are from Humber, the original, world-renowned RHIB manufacturer

Hulls are designed in house by Frank Roffee, the father of RHIBS. The design is exceptionally efficient at the same time as being one of the best sea keeping RHIBs around – this has been achieved through Humber’s ongoing research and development over the last 40 years.

The fit-out can be as extensive as your imagination but the hull is the starting point for a sound commercial vessel, offering the following features:

  • Deep ‘V’ Multi Chine Pedigree Hull Design – producing the ultimate In offshore rough water performance
  • High strength, low weight specification, extra durable hull design – manufactured from top quality Lloyds approved material or equivalent.
  • CE or MCA certification
  • Superior design hypalon inflation collar – manufactured in house from 1600dtx fabric
  • Five-year fabric warranty – worldwide recognition, extra durable
  • Raised full width floor – for maximum deck area with non-slip GRP textured finish
  • Unsinkable air tight hull compartment – full draining system
  • Rear deck drain well c/w ventura – for dry deck and quick effective water bailing
  • Ultra high sheer bow – smooth, dry ride in the harshest of sea states
  • High raised reinforced transom – for minimum water intake
  • Seven air chambers – for added safety (nine chamber in vessels from 9.5m upwards)
  • Pressure relief valves – offering additional safety from over inflation
  • Wide beam (up to 3.3m) – capable of a larger heavier load and maximum carrying capacity
  • Reinforced raised transom splash plates – for minimum water intake
  • Capacity to accept large underdeck fuel tank
  • Outer ‘D’ profile protective fendering – 150mm deep moulded rubber
  • Vertical double ‘D’ profile strake at bow – offering maximum protection at bow
  • Large raised bow stowage compartment – fully drainable c/w extra strength polycarbon hinged access hatch
  • Boarding life lines – positioned externally on straight of collar
  • Grab handles x 4 – to aid launch and recovery
  • Bow winch eye/anchor point – external heavy duty ‘U’ bolt
  • Owner manual, inflation pump / repair kit


Biggest is not always best

As standard we offer a range of up to 11m LOA, with a 14m vessel currently under development.

Final choice of size will be driven by a number of parameters including payload, operational area, powering options, trailer ability, deck layout and resale value.

We normally recommend the 10m as the best all-round option for passenger coded operations in offshore waters.  This vessel is equally suited for dive operations permitting 12 divers plus all their equipment.

The 8.5m / 9m is well suited for inshore sailings of up to two hours in duration.

The extra wide version with 3.4m beam, up to 15m LOA, is best for serious offshore applications

We supply from 4m upwards and typical hull specifications in the offshore range is shown below:

Currently our largest option is a massive 14m long

 Length Ext (m)Length Int (m)Beam Ext (m)Beam Int (m)Tube Dia. (cm)Comp.Out-Board
Single / Twin
Approx. *Weight (kg)Max Cap / Persons
7.0 M7.0 5.42.8537300 / 1752607502680 / 18
7.5 M7.5 5.92.8537300 / 2003008002845 / 20
8.0 M8.0 6.42.8537300 / 2253508503200 / 22
8.5 M8.56.92.8537300 / 3004259003410 / 24
9.0 M9.07.42.8537300 / 30042510003560 / 26
9.5 M9.57.92.8539300 / 30050011003710 / 28
10.0 M10.08.42.8539300 / 30050012003860 / 30
10.5 M10.58.92.8539300 / 30050013004010 / 32
11.0M11.09.42.8539300 / 30050014004160/34
10.00MW10. / 300315 Twins
11.0 MW11. / 300315 Twins