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Leisure Ribs

“We started commercial- proved our robust yet efficient vessels and then after years of development moved in the leisure market. Most of the other RIB manufacturers have tried to turn their leisure RIBs into commercial-need I say more”

Frank Roffee, founder Humber RIBs

Humber Sea Pro Available from 3.1m to 5.0m (1.54 & 2.0m Beams)

The Sea Pro series are both functional and tough! This shallow ‘V’ model range offers all qualities of the conventional RIB with the additional benefits of the Inflatable craft. Unique in its field the crafts are easy to launch and recover and have the capabilities to operate in shallow waters inaccessible to a deeper ‘V’ hull design, making them an ideal platform of choice. The high performance of the multi-chine commercial strength hull provides exceptional sea keeping abilities and responsive handling. With its expertise-designed inflation collar combined with a moderately high bow this range provides a safe, comfortable dry ride whilst offering increased buoyancy and stability. Built with superior strength, lightweight specification, the Sea Pro series offers high loading and carrying capabilities and unlike comparable rigid inflatables, the 4.8m models can be rigged with a short or long shaft outboard motor including tiller steering.

Humber Assault Available from 4.0m to 5.5m (2.0m beam)

A highly capable Deep V High-Performance RIB, developed as an all-rounder this versatile craft has exceptional sea-keeping abilities. Built to tough commercial construction, large diameter tapering buoyancy tubes, combined with a tough, fast to the plane, fuel-efficient Deep V hull, offers responsive handling, exceptional stability, and a smooth dry ride. Fulfilling the requirements of many professional organizations, Thousands of this model type have been supplied to Water sports centers, sailing clubs, rescue, patrol, diving,  commercial and recreational users operating around the world.

Humber Destroyer Available from 5.0m to 7.0m (2.38m beam)

A new and improved 2.38m wide body proven Deep V High Performance RIB, Designed, engineered and built to a tough commercial strength and durable construction, this versatile craft is capable of operating in all weather rough sea conditions.

Large diameter buoyancy tubes, high sheer bow, and fast to plane, fuel efficient Deep V hull produces  an impressive smooth dry ride. Responsive handling, combined with exceptional stability makes a serious working platform for many demanding commercial applications.  

The preferred choice for thousands of professionals currently operating around the world including RYA training, Diving, Survey, Rescue & Patrol, Emergency services, Sailing Clubs, Water sports Centres, and many recreational users. Customization to meet individual requirements including choice of colour, console and seating layout options, hull & tube accessories are available on this model

Humber Ocean Pro 630-680- Available from 5.0m to 6.8m (2.0m, 2.28m & 2.34m)

A Superior Deep V Ultra High Performance RIB , Unique and distinctive in Design, engineered and built to a high strength commercial quality. 

Featuring large diameter buoyancy tubes and extra high sheer bow combined with a unique multichine, fast to plane   ultra-fuel efficient hull design, this craft delivers the ultimate in performance coping with severe rough weather sea conditions. Outstanding handling and stability provide an exceptionally comfortable dry ride.

This craft can be fitted out with single or twin outboards and petrol or diesel inboard jet or sterndrive power options. 

Humber Ocean Pro 650-750 Available from 600m to 800m (2.6m beam)

Every single one of our Ocean Pro series is built with our high performance unique deep ‘V’ hull design. Giving the smoothest and driest of rides this allows you to glide through even the roughest of seas, and you’ll still be guaranteed the comfiest of outings whilst also saving on fuel running costs! A solid British built boat designed to be pushed to the limits, the Ocean Pro series promises to be the most reliable craft of its type on the market a. Guaranteed to wow any professional with its ultra-high performance and ideal for those looking for more space and a larger layout, these craft are capable of traveling faster, further and in more comfort than other comparable craft available on the market.

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