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Racing Endurance


Quinquari Marine produce reliable, commercial quality vessels capable of operating at up to 65 knots and in difficult weather conditions.

Races such as Round Britain and setting records such as Round Eire have seen our vessels pushed to the limit – in every case they have risen to the challenge where many others have had to withdraw.

We also recommend that the end use of the vessel is considered.  If you are building for a specific race it is good to know that the vessel could be used for commercial work or maybe just family days afterwards.  If on a race, we will also look at the best methods to support you.

If you’re simply looking for a high quality commercial standard RHIB then a wide range of fitting options are available, from teak decks to bathing platforms, bespoke biminis and much more.

Our 6m – 7m range is popular for family use.  Built to commercial standards these are very durable and easy to maintain and have the advantage of being able to be sold on into either the leisure or commercial sectors.

We can fit out to almost any requirement and all vessels come with our superb back up.

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